Please refer to “Formation in the Workplace” in the Ministry Leaders Articles section of this website.
In our context, formation is the process of learning and embracing a spirituality that gives meaning, language and structure to one’s life and work. It involves an ever-deepening, personal understanding and experience of the CSJ mission, charism and spirituality. Formation is a key element for all involved in the ministry - board members, leaders, staff.
Everything in life forms us. We are the product of genetics, our history, the music we listen to, our relationships, the work we do, and more. “Formation” means being intentional about particular experiences and opportunities that will help us grow and sustain a community of Mission-focused leaders, boards and staffs. It involves engaging in periodic reflection on the larger meaning and purpose of our work in order to gain an ever-deepening personal and collective understanding of the CSJ Mission, charism and tradition. 
It is through these times of reflection and conversation that leaders, boards and staffs continue to be inspired by our common Mission, deepen our commitment to it, translate the Mission anew for our times, and sustain a culture of Mission in the ministries now and into the future.